5 Pool Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Options You’ll Love

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Are you looking for a 3-in-1 Pool Air Hockey and Ping Pong Table? Then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we've rounded up 5 of the top options on the market today that will bring countless hours of fun to your household.

Let's check out some of these tables...

1. GLD Products Fat Cat Pockey 3 in 1 44” Multi Game Table

GLD Products Fat Cat Pockey 3 in 1 44 Multi Game Table

You no longer have to decide between a pool table, air hockey table, or ping pong table, thanks to this easy to use and durable multi game table from GLD Products. This Fat Cat Pockey Table offers the three most popular game room games so you can easily flip between them for hours of play without interruption. Rather than sacrificing three times the space in your room or home to hold your game tables, you can get all of the fun that you want, even if you have a smaller room.

When you are finished playing a game or want to switch it up, it’s very easy to lift the lid of the table and change out the game that you’re playing. The latch system on this table ensures that when you are playing that the top will be securely held in place, which will prevent accidents or the top from sliding off.

Additionally, you can store all of the necessary accessories for this table in the versatile frame, which will prevent you from missing an important piece when you want to play a game. Since everything can be easily stored together out of the way, you don’t have to worry about pieces being spread out all around your room, which can make the room look messy.


  • Strong air flow for the air hockey means you don’t have to worry about how easily the pucks will slide
  • While assembly is required, it is relatively fast and easy so you can start playing right away
  • The table is very sturdy and won’t easily slide once it is assembled, so you don’t need to worry about it falling over or scratching the floor


  • Some users have reported that the pool table is uneven, causing the balls to roll to the side and middle
  • There are reports of the stabilizing brackets breaking off of the table
  • At 286 pounds, this table is very heavy and requires help if you are going to move it to a new location in your home
  • Some users have reported dead pockets when playing the air hockey, which can stall a puck
  • There are reports that the ping pong table comes in three pieces, and the balls can hit the connections, causing them to fly in the wrong direction

2. GLD Products Fat Cat Triple Threat 3 in 1 32” Multi Game Table

GLD Products Fat Cat Triple Threat 3 in 1 32 Multi Game Table

At only 141 pounds, this three in one game table offers you everything that you need to play air hockey, table tennis, and pool, but isn’t so large that it will take up too much room in your home. Due to the smaller size, as well as the lower weight, you can easily move this table out of the way when it’s not in use and pull it into the middle of the room when you want to play, which ensures that you aren’t dedicating an entire room to your game table.

Not only does this make this table perfect for a smaller home, but it also makes it a great choice if you want to be able to give your children some freedom as to when they are going to play, as it is so easy to move. Preteens can easily switch the table tops so that they can play a new game without having to ask an adult for help, which will make them feel much more independent.


  • There is plenty of room underneath the table to store accessories, which ensures that they are not all spread out over the room and getting lost
  • It is very easy to switch between games, which will prevent children from getting bored
  • Durable enough to stand up to a lot of use by children without the surface being scratched or the legs coming loose


  • Some users have reported that the size of the top makes it difficult to get a real game of ping pong going
  • There are reports that set up can take awhile and is best accomplished with two adults working together
  • Some users have stated that there isn’t enough air flow in the air hockey table to easily move the puck, and the puck tends to get caught on the table instead of floating easily
  • Some users have said that the net isn’t great condition and won’t last through a lot of play, needing to be replaced soon after purchase

3. Giantex Multi Game Table Pool Hockey Foosball Table Tennis Billiard Combination Game Table

[amazon fields=”B075WNVLGW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” alt=”Giantex Multi Game Table Pool Hockey Foosball Table Tennis Billiard Combination Game Table”]

[amazon fields=”B075WNVLGW” value=”link” title=”See it here on Amazon”]

Unlike some other multi game tables that look incredibly bulky and will take up a lot of space in your home, this table from Giantex is designed to look a lot lighter and is not as heavy and bulky. This means that it is ideal in a smaller home where you may not have a lot of extra room for a heavy table.

Thanks to the shorter height, you will enjoy a lot more light and space around this table, while still getting to play three of your favorite table games. This table is designed to be set up and then placed on top of your dining room table.


  • The included leg levelers make it very easy to ensure that the table will be perfectly flat while you are using it
  • All of the necessary accessories are included so that you will get the most out of this game without having to go to the store to buy additional parts
  • It’s easy to assemble the table before use and then to switch between the three different games to get the most use out of this table
  • Because of its smaller size, this table is ideal for a busy family who can’t devote a whole area of their home to a game table


  • There are reports that even after using the leg levelers, this table is not very sturdy and tends to move when it is being used
  • Some users have reported that the playing space is so small that this table is not ideal for older children or adults
  • There are reports that the screws strip easily, causing the owner to have to make multiple repairs to the table to keep it in working condition
  • Due to the height of the table, it can’t easily be used on the floor, which means that you have to have space on a table for its use

4. Triumph Sports USA 3-in-1 7’ Multi Game Table

Triumph Sports USA 3in1 7 Multi Game Table

Thanks to the durable plastic and manufactured wood that is used in the construction of this game table, you won’t ever have to worry about it breaking during use. Because the table tops themselves are so light, you and your children will be able to easily flip them to play a new game, whether that be table tennis, air hockey, or pool.

While it can be a little difficult to assemble this table, especially if you do not have experience putting together items using power tools, once it is assembled, it is very sturdy and not likely to be broken or damaged during normal use.

Because it is so light, you can easily move it from one location to another, which means that you’re not sacrificing a whole corner or area of your room to store this table when it’s not in use. Additionally, the fun graphics on the air hockey table will entice your children to play.


  • Offers strong air flow for the hockey so that the puck moves freely and easily across the surface of the table
  • The lighter weight of this table makes it easy to move
  • Unlike other tables that are very bulky, this one doesn’t appear as visually heavy in a home


  • There are some reports that the pool table is mounded in the middle, causing the balls to roll to the edges
  • Some users have reported that the edges of the table are sharp, which can injure a child who walks into them
  • There are reports of the hockey puck being stuck in the goal and difficult to remove

5. Hathaway Triple Threat 6-ft 3-in-1 Multi Game Table with Billiards, Air Hockey, and Table Tennis

[amazon fields=”B07HC594QC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” alt=”Hathaway Triple Threat 6-ft 3-in-1 Multi Game Table with Billiards, Air Hockey, and Table Tennis”]

[amazon fields=”B07HC594QC” value=”link” title=”See it here on Amazon”]

You’re sure to love the durability of this pool table as well as the fact that the extra tables store underneath it so that everything is kept together for when you want to play. Not only is the table very sturdy and stable, but it has been made to be higher quality than some other tables on the market.

Thanks to the rubber drop pockets and the rubber cushions, you won’t have to worry about how loud the table will be when you are playing, which means you can enjoy games without waking members of your family. 

The engineered wood chosen for construction of this table was specifically picked due to the fact that it will last without breaking, cracking, or warping. This, in addition to the quality table tops and the sturdy frame, will keep the table in the best possible condition. Rely on the leg levelers to ensure that you have a fair and even playing field.


  • Interlocking dowels keep the table secure and prevent accidents
  • Easy to switch games to ensure that everyone in the family has fun
  • Color-matching accessory rack provides a dedicated space for all accessories


  • This table is incredibly large and bulky and can visually weigh down the corner of a room