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Isn't Costco known to sell handpicked, quality products at a great price and with an unbeatable warranty. What about Air Hockey Tables? What Air Hockey table do Costco sell? Is it worth buying your Hockey Table from Costco?

Costco in the U.S. sells the Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table for $350 to $470 depending on whether the table is on sale and where the purchase was made (in-store or online).

Overall, great reviews and table features show this could be a great purchase. However, this table is not currently available on Costco's website but potentially available in store.

Air hockey table from costco on Air Hockey Nerds

Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table from Costco - courtesy of costco.com

In this article, we are going to review this table and let you know if it is worth buying your Air Hockey table from Costco or from somewhere else.

Costco's Air Hockey Table review

About the manufacturer

Medal Sports, also known as MD Sports, creates all sorts of table games including billiards, foosball, basketball, and of course, air hockey. They're a brand that's geared towards the mass market and not necessarily towards professional or competitive air hockey. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just depends on what you're looking for. Many of their products, especially some of their multi-game tables deliver a lot of value.

If you want to learn more about Medal Sports, check our article here.


Air Hockey Nerds - Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table

Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table from Costco - courtesy of costco.com

Described as premium on Costco's website, we would rather describe this table as a great entry to intermediary level air powered hockey table. It is perfect for a small office or home crowd.

It looks good with its steel legs and the wood finish on the sides and comes with an electronic scorer and has an even air flow across the table. It's big enough to fit a whole family of 4 and play against each other.

Air Hockey Nerds - Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table electronic scorer

The electronic scorer on the Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table - courtesy of costco.com

Costco's Air Hockey Table Video

People described the assembly process as easy, but the table as heavy. In terms of installation, the legs need to be put together first, then attached to the table (top) which comes already put together. Costco requires 2 people to put the table together, which indeed can be heavy.

Costco's Air Hockey Table Assembly

People described the assembly process as easy, but the table as heavy. In terms of installation, the legs need to be put together first, then attached to the table as the whole top is one piece mostly made of wood, which comes already put together. The instructions indicate that  2 people must put the table together, as it weighs about 200lb.


Even though it seems to be cheaper in-store (only about $350), you would have to carry it yourself to your car and home. The price online is more expensive ($469.99) but seems to include delivery. However, availability is limited to a few states and the product is not available at the moment (in our states or not all, not sure – put your own zip code to find out).

Note: In negative reviews, we noticed that tables are likely to come with cracks or defects when they are shipped to your home. The storage, transportation and handling of such a massive item is probably the cause so if you are confident you can transport this monster yourself, it is wise to take care of it.

Where to buy?

This table should be available in Costco stores (in the U.S. and Canada) and online at www.costco.com.

What customers think of it

According to the 258 reviews on Costco’s website at the time of writing, the Medal Sports 89″ Air Hockey is rated 4.1 out of 5, which is a great overall rating.

While nearly 59% thought this table is worth 5 stars, 11% think it is worth only 1 star. If we consider 4- and 5-stars reviews to be positive ratings while 1, 2 and 3 to be negative ratings, then about 79% gave a positive review while 21% gave a negative review. See screenshot below for details.

Costco Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table screenshot ratings

78% of customers left a positive reviews (4- and 5-star reviews)

What customers liked – Positive reviews

Based on recent positive reviews, customers liked the easy assembly, the size and the value this table delivers.

  • Assembly was relatively easy.
  • Delivery was great
  • Easy to put together. Fun to play.
  • …the Air Hockey Table is the best investment I did because family we get together
  • The table is sturdy and the air blower is worth every penny. I would recommend this tables, also set up was pretty easy.
  • Amazing table for the price. My 4.5 yr old loves it, as do my hubby and I.

What customers didn't like - Negative reviews

Recent negative reviews show that customers didn't like the wood edges and finishings overall. They also did not like the fact that some electronics parts stopped working after a few plays, and sometimes, the tables came already cracked.

Here are a few examples:

  • The wood on the side has completely chipped away a month after purchase
  • ...it was VERY heavy.
  • ...the electronics worked for literally 5 minutes, then never worked again. Also, the air flow is spotty at best....rarely it works and most times it doesn’t. It’s so bad, even the kids get frustrated and won’t use it. I am beyond disappointed. This literally is un-useable.
  • The edges are peeling and what’s underneath is particle board.
  • I bought this for Christmas, ... and the sensor for one of the goals is not working already. 1/2 a day, maybe 10 plays and already not working the way is supposed to work.
  • ...the table top had a large crack in the middle.
  • The only thing I don’t like about it is that there are 3 min and 5 min game times but it doesn’t announce when you have reached the time limit, it just stops keeping track of points.
  • ...The only thing I would recommend is heavy duty pucks for adults. The ones it came with fly off when my hubby and I play. Granted we both pretend like we are in some sort of tournament - Note: Here is our selection of the best air hockey pucks including heavy duty ones.

Other feedback

We've collected here some of the best feedback we heard about the table on other sites.

  • someone reported the price to be $399
  • My kid has been hounding me for one but I gotta feeling this will see great use at first but it will become a 200 pound dust collector or lego table soon enough
  • If this was a dome rod hockey table I'd be all over it! Miss mine. - Learn more about Bubble or Dome Hockey
  • Size is perfect, you can play 2v2 easily. It's more for kids because the size of the goal is a bit small, playing 2v2 with 4 adults, the score will stay very low, it's easy to protect your net. Playing 1v1 is ok.
  • Of course, it's got the cult of the new stuff. For the the first months it was played on almost a daily basis but not anymore. But when will be allowed to have some visit at home, kids will play with their friends for sure.
  • The table is big but if space is not an issue, go for it.

At a glance, all buyers think it is a great product at first, but they don't use it as much over time. They mention they would want to have some other use for it such as other games.

Is it worth buying this table from Costco?

Overall, this table is a great pick, especially for the price. With a powerful air blower motor, electronic scorers with sound and enough pushers and pucks for the whole family, it could be a great and fun purchase.

However, based on customer reviews, the product is great but not amazing. In case a problem occurs, you would have to go back and forth to the store with this nearly 90-inch table of 200lb in your trunk, or pay a higher price online because of shipping.

If you want to make the most of your Costco membership and take advantage of Costco's warranty, it could be a safe purchase though.

Are you interested in other options available, keep reading.

Alternatives – Comparable Air Hockey table

While it seems MD Sports created a specific table for Costco, you can find somewhat similar tables and other models from MD Sports and other manufacturers at different retailers like Wal-Mart or on Amazon.

[amazon fields=”B09CT39BR1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” tracking_id=”airhockeynerd-20″]

At the same price, the Hall of Games Air Powered Hockey Table 2-in-1 Air Hockey and Ping Pong seems like a great alternative. First; it is a ping pong and air hockey combo table and it is not as big, not as heavy, definitely looks more like a kid air hockey table.

Budget-friendly tables: For more budget-friendly tables from other brands, read our best air hockey tables under $500 article.

However, it seems like the price is almost double. For example, we like this other MD Sports table, the MD Titan Air Powered Hockey Table, that definitely is more advanced and more expensive.


We like the Medal Sports 89" Air Hockey Table. It is a great entry-level/intermediate level air hockey table for the family. Coming from Costco gives you additional advantages that perhaps other retailers would not be able to offer, and it is a great quality table overall.

If you believe you may not be ready to buy the most obvious available to you as a Costco member, maybe read our latest best air hockey table article, where we review some of the most popular air hockey table options available.

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