12 Places Where you can Play Air Hockey

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Where to play air hockey, you ask? Whether you are preparing your friend’s birthday, want to have a great time with your family or just want to do something different with your loved one, air hockey is a great thing to do to have fun.

List best places to plqy air hockey

List of best places to play air hockey

Here is a list of the best places you might find an air hockey table:

  1. Community Centre
  2. Home
  3. Youth (or Seniors) Center
  4. Bars
  5. Shared building amenities
  6. Social organizations at colleges and universities
  7. Arcade
  8. Friends and Family
  9. Work
  10. School
  11. Bowling Alley
  12. Billiards Club


We can’t tell you exactly where to find the closest air hockey table near you but, at least, we provided a list of pretty good ideas to think about where you can possibly play. For more details about the places we’ve listed above, keep reading below.


Play Air Hockey in your neighbourhood

Community Centre

Usually owned by the City, Community Centers spend a lot of money to get quality materials, games and equipments of all sorts for their residents. Ask your local Community Center to see if they have an Air Hockey table. Sometimes you can even book a room at the Community Centre for an event so check if they can put a table aside for you.

Youth (or Seniors) Center

Youth Center are a place where young people can gather to practice in a variety of activities such as sports or art. Sometimes Community Centers and Youth Centers are the same place. In a similar way, maybe some Seniors’ centers or Older Adult centers may have one too.

air hockey at the arcade


This is probably the most obvious option of all. Arcades often have a plethora of arcade games available. From Japanese games to coin machines to claw machines, there is no shortage of fun at Arcades.

Arcades dream is to keep you there for as long as possible and to offer more fun you can dream about. For me, Air Hockey is surely a great way to do just that.


Bowling Alley

Do you know the feeling of going somewhere a half-dozen times and never noticing something ? That’s how I felt when I realized my local bowling alley had a two air hockey tables at the far end corner. Look around your local bowling alley or give them a call to double check.


Billiards Club

Pool tables, darts and… air hockey. Yes, it might be hard to believe but possible.



If you are not under the legal age to drink you might be able to enjoy playing air hockey at a bar. Just like Pool, Air Hockey is a great way to draw customers and keep them indoor for as long as possible. Pool tables and Air Hockey table is a great way to do that.



Play Air Hockey where you live


There is no place like home. If you are planning to make Air Hockey one of your hobbies, don’t hesitate. They are great tables out there for all your needs. Are you afraid that Air Hockey table won’t be used after a few months ? No problem, look for a multigame table. This could include Air Hockey and Ping-Pong, Pool or even Foosball, all-in-one. (read our best air hockey tables guide to know which Air Hockey table will soon your home the best)


Shared building amenities

Your building apartment or shared residence may have amenities for all residents such as swimming pool to gym to party room. As an owner/resident, you may have your say in what type of equipment you may want to see shared amongst all owners so reach out to your building management to see if they have an Air Hockey table or already or if suggest to add one.


Play Air Hockey as a student

Social organizations at colleges and universities, or dorms

Are you part of a fraternity or sorority? If no, maybe it’s time to consider joining, especially if they have an Air Hockey table.



Does your school have an air hockey table ? That’s one good reason not to skip class.



Play Air Hockey within our social circles

Friends and Family

You know that cousin you have not seen since last summer? Well, maybe they do have that highly sought after air hockey table? Worth checking in with your family and friends if you can visit over the week-end.



Someone once said : « Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life ». This is exactly why companies are putting a lot of money in their office. Extreme examples like Facebook and other start-ups around the planet like to offer corporate fun. Some employers offers drinks on Friday. Wouldn’t it be cool to combine it with Air Hockey?

Playing air hockey table with co workers or friends

Also, as employers might want to bring you back into the office, they might put the money where their mouth is by offering more services and activities to their employees. Note: Maybe this is worth mentioning in your WFH/return to the office survey.



Wrap up

You know have no more excuses to play air hockey table to enjoy with your friends and family this week-end. Enjoy!