5 Alternatives to Air Hockey (#2 Will Surprise You)

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Looking for some fun alternatives to air hockey? You're in for a treat. We've put together 5 fun air hockey-like games that don't use any actual air.

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Let’s check them out – here’s a summary and where to find them 

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[amazon fields="B0015R1AY2" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B0015R1AY2" value="link" tracking_id="airhockeynerd-20" title="Face Off Frenzy Powerband Hockey"]

  • Basically a frame with elastic-like bands on the side
  • Can be played on almost any surface; no electricity needed
  • View on Amazon
    [amazon fields="B07PKJZQ9G" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B07PKJZQ9G" value="link" tracking_id="airhockeynerd-20" title="KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game of Skill"]

  • A mini air hockey-like tabletop game that plays by guiding a magnet from under the table
  • The ultimate on-the-go tabletop game (as long as you have a flat surface)
  • Comes fully assembled
  • View on Amazon
    [amazon fields="B00003G1U1" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B00003G1U1" value="link" tracking_id="airhockeynerd-20" title="Carrom Nok Hockey Game"]

  • Popular in many elementary school classrooms in the 90s
  • Hit the wooden puck around the diamonds to the small slit on the other end
  • View on Amazon
    [amazon fields="B01JN0XS4W" value="thumb" image_size="medium"][amazon fields="B01JN0XS4W" value="link" tracking_id="airhockeynerd-20" title="Two Player Desktop Soccer Hockey Game "]

  • A cross between pinball, soccer, and air hockey
  • The little flippers provide a completely alternative game you can play with the included balls
  • View on Amazon
    Best Air Hockey Apps
    We reviewed the top air hockey apps
    so feel free to check out which one we liked best.

    How We Picked These Air Hockey Alternative Games

    Because we had never heard of much of these games before, this list was made after doing a few hours of research online. For our selection criteria, the games had to simply involve putting a puck or something similar into the opponent's goal. The games also had to be unique enough to warrant talking about and not be something total separate like foosball or bubble hockey.

    Additionally, we stuck to games that were pretty small and could be carried around to most places. If you're looking for air hockey without air or a table, then odds are you don't have a lot of space so we aimed to be mindful of your needs.

    Now onto the games!

    1. PowerBand Hockey

    You may have already heard of PowerBand Hockey from a commercial that used to play on one of those shopping networks. The game is basically a frame with elastic-like bands on the side. It can be played on almost any surface and doesn't require the use of electricity of any kind.

    The way it works is that the pucks and the pushers each have two surface options. Depending on whether you're playing on a hard or soft surface, the puck can be flipped over to accommodate. The pushers obviously cannot be flipped (that would look pretty silly), but the bottom of the pushers can be played with or without protector pads.

    Despite what you might think, the setup actually works quite well. Just check out this video of two people playing in their office!

    Want to check it out for yourself? [amazon fields=”B0015R1AY2″ value=”link” title=”We found this PowerBand hockey game on Amazon”] That looks pretty awesome!

    2. Klask

    [amazon fields=”B07PKJZQ9G” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

    Klask, also known as the magnetic game of skill, completely took us by surprise. It won several game of the year awards in Europe and after seeing what it is, we can totally see why. The way Klask works is by using two sets of magnets and a round ball. The magnets are basically the mallets (if we're comparing to air hockey) and the ball is the puck. 

    Players control the mallets or sticks with a magnet that's under the table. Using this as a form of control, they try to hit the ball into the opponent's goal (a hole on the opposite side of the table).  There's also three little bumpers in the middle of the board to keep things interesting.

    If you think it sounds boring then you're dead wrong. The game can get pretty darn intense.

    There's even a world championship for it as shown in the video below...

    This game looks like so much fun that we're going to be ordering one for ourselves. It's a great alternative to board games as well if you're craving something more stimulating.

    [amazon fields=”B01I21KF8K” value=”link” title=”Klask is also available on Amazon”] if you want to try it for yourself.

    3. Knock or "Nok" Hockey

    An awesome game of Nok Hockey! #nokhockey

    A post shared by Andrew Ronzino (@kinggramjohnson) on

    If you grew up in the 90's, then that board pictured above probably looks familiar to you. They were popular in many elementary school classrooms and always a big hit during play time. The thing that makes this game so satisfying is that it's really hard to score. Notice the little wood diamonds at each end of the board. You have to hit the wooden puck around the diamonds so that it makes it into the small slit on the other end. The game can get pretty intense so be mindful of your fingers!

    Actually, if you play by the official Nok Hockey rules then each player takes turns hitting the puck. But when we were kids, we really used to go crazy on the table as if it were a real game of ice hockey or something. Either way, it's really fun.

    Ready to play Nok Hockey? [amazon fields=”B00003G1U1″ value=”link” title=”Check Nok Hockey Out on Amazon…”]

    4. Table Hockey & Soccer

    [amazon fields=”B01JN0XS4W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

    This weird looking game pictured above is kind of a cross between pinball, soccer, and air hockey, all fit nicely onto one compact board. It's hard to tell by the way things look in the photo, but this product is actually quite small at only 14" long. Even small air hockey tables for kids are at least 40" long on the small end of the spectrum. 

    Regardless, that's the whole point of this list. Having a small board is one of the ways you can get away with playing some form of air hockey without air or a table. Not to mention, the little flippers provide a completely alternative game you can play with the included balls.

    Not a bad gift for a child or to kill some time in the office.

    [amazon fields=”B01JN0XS4W” value=”link” title=”See it for yourself on Amazon.”]

    5. Air Hockey Apps


    We saved this one for last because it's the most controversial and probably the last resort for most people reading this list. Just like you, we much prefer to play things in real life rather than on our phones, tablets, or TV's. However, when push comes to shove, these devices are great for circumstances when you simply haven't got access to any tables.

    If you're in a pinch, we reviewed the top air hockey apps so feel free to check out which one we liked best.

    Did We Miss One?

    What is your favorite Air Hockey alternative? Do you have a favorite airless air hockey-like game that we missed?

    We would absolutely love to hear about it. Leave a comment below and be sure to include a link so we know where to find it. If we think it fits the criteria then we just might add it to this list!